Information about accommodation preferential rate will be sent by email to the mailing list and people registered. If you don´t receive it, you can request this information by writing to

Congress participants should make their own accommodation arrangements as early as possible (see list of options below). Most accommodation options are in the center of the city. The congress venue, the University of Magallanes (, is located close to the center of Punta Arenas and can be accessed readily by reasonably-priced public transport and private taxi companies.
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Lodging options in Punta Arenas**

PRICES USD 200 – 300 range
PRICES USD 70 – 150 range
PRICES USD 50 – 85 range
Hotel Cabo De Hornos
Phone number: +56-61-2715000
Hotel Carpa Manzano
Phone number: +56-61-2613387
Hostal Ayelen
Phone number: +56-61-2242413
Hotel Rey Don Felipe
Phone number: +56-61-2295000
Hostal Bustamante
Phone number: +56-61-2222774
Residencial Bulnes
Phone number: +56-61-212113
Hotel José Nogueira
Phone number: +56-61-2711000
Art Nouveau Hostal
Phone number: +56-61-2228112
Hotel Finis Terrae
Dirección: Av. Colón 766, Punta Arenas
Teléfono: +56-61-2209100

** Prices subject to variation

It is important to be aware that January is the peak season for air travel to Santiago and Punta Arenas. Thus it is advisable to make travel arrangements as early as possible.