Extraprogramatic Activities

LTSER-CHILE & Universidad de Magallanes (UMAG)
January 16 & 20 – 22, 2015 


Puerto Williams

Saturday 16 – 18:00-19:30 hrs.

Biocultural Café: Ecology & Conservation
Felipe Cruz, Charles Darwin Foundation, Galápagos.

The good and bad of Tourism in the Galapagos Cape Horn (Lo bueno y lo malo del Turismo en la Reserva de Biosfera Galápagos).

Brief remarks by: Dr. Elke Schüttler (UMAG – Puerto Williams, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve)

Place: Café Puerto Luisa, Puerto Williams.

Punta Arenas

Tuesday 19 – 19:00-20:00 hrs.

Recognizing the value Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
Dr. Jerry Franklin, Professor, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Dr. Eugene Likens. President Emeritus, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, New York. 

Recognition to the valuable contributions made by Dr. Jerry Franklin and Dr. Gene Likens to LTER in the Southern Hemisphere and Worldwide.

Brief remarks by: Dr. Juan J. Armesto (IEB-LTSER-Chile & P. Universidad Católica, Chile) and Dr. Ricardo Rozzi (IEB-LTSER-Chile, UMAG & University of North Texas)

Place: Universidad de Magallanes, Ernesto Livacic Auditorium.


Wednesday 20 – 19:00-20:00 hrs.

Ecology & Ethics
Ecology & Ethics book series (Springer) presentation by philosopher, Dr. Pablo Oyarzún, Facultades de Artes y Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad de Chile.

Recognition to the valuable contributions made by Dr. Pablo Oyarzún to interdisciplinary philosophy integrating the arts, humanities, philosophy, and ecology.

Brief remarks by: Dr. Kurt Jax (UFZ, Germany), Dr. Ricardo Rozzi (IEB-LTSER-Chile, UMAG, UNT) & Dr. Andres Mansilla (Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies UMAG & IEB-Chile).

Field Environmental Philosophy & Biocultural Conservation in Action: Tasting of an Algal Regional Gastronomic Innovation.

Place: Universidad de Magallanes, Ernesto Livacic Auditorium.


Friday 22 – 18:00-19:00 hrs.

Ecology & Art

Brief remarks by: Paula Viano (Director of Communication, UMAG).

Kawesqar traditional ecological stories by Celina Llan Llan.

Documentary on Ecotourism with a Hand Lens:  The Invisible Journey by Jaime Sepúlveda. Subantarctic Biocultural Conservation Program (Omora Park, UMAG-Puerto Williams).

Musical Concert on the Miniature Forests (Patagonia Micromundos) by Sergio Pérez, UMAG Conservatory.

Place: CORDENAP Auditorium.