Plenary speakers

Brent Alloway

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Title of plenary lecture: “The utility of tephrochronology to paleoenvironmental studies: examples from equatorial Asia, tropical Australia and southern mid-latitude New Zealand and Chile”.

Alexandre Antonelli

University of Gothenburg, Göteborg, Sweden
Title of plenary lecture: “Cross-taxonomic insights from biogeographical analyses, and the interplay between temperate and tropical zones”.

Juan Armesto

Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
Title of plenary lecture: Inauguration address, Opening Ceremony.

Mary T. K. Arroyo

Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (IEB) and Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile
Title of plenary lecture “The high elevation flora of the southern South American Andes: recent, rich, and at risk under climate change”.

Peter Convey

British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Title of plenary lecture: “Revisiting terrestrial biodiversity in the Antarctic region: challenges to understanding its history and contemporary conservation”.

Neal Enright

Murdoch University, Perth, Australia
Title of plenary lecture: “Fire – climate interactions intensify the risk of plant species extinctions and system state changes for fire-prone ecosystems as climate changes”.

Lesley Hughes

Macquaire University, Australia
Title of plenary lecture: “Southern Connections, Southern Changes: Gondwanan ecosystems in a century of climate change”.

Philip Hulme

Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln, New Zealand
Title of plenary lecture: “Biogeographic lessons for weed risk assessment: building a global perspective of a worldwide problem”.

Ari Iglesias

INIBIOMA, Universidad de Comahue, Argentina
Title of plenary lecture: “The evolution of Cenozoic floras in southern South America, and associated environmental changes”.

Cristina Yumi Miyaki

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Title of plenary lecture: “The evolutionary history of a Gondwanan avian order: Psittaciformes”.

Ricardo Rozzi

Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad (IEB) and Universidad de Magallanes, Chile; University of North Texas, USA
Title of plenary lecture: “Ecological science and biocultural ethics: dialogues across cultures and disciplines to sustain life in an uneven changing world”.